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I am not sure what circumstances you find yourself in right now, but I am confident that God's deepest desire for you is know Him.

Does the Bible seem hard to understand? Not sure about who Jesus is? Have you been a Christian for years and yet still feel like you just don't get it?! Believe me, I have been there more often than I care to admit. I got really tired of feeling as if God was distant and that my prayers were going nowhere. I was frustrated because I sat in church all of my life and never really understood the Bible. I felt gypped. I knew I was missing out on something, but I wasn't sure what it was. Then, one day I found this phrase in my Bible. "In Christ". It was my game changer. It can be yours as well!

Maybe you feel that way as well? I want to invite you into this safe space where you and I can be real with our struggles. I want to encourage you in your walk with Christ by doing life together. I want to equip you with practical tools that will help you dig deep into the Bible with greater understanding. But more than anything, I want to see both of our lives transform through the power of God's Word. It is my desire to see each one of us engage Scripture with confidence, so "...that Jesus Christ will come to have first place in everything." Col 1:18

I can't wait to meet you on the pages of Scripture! It is truly an honor to experience Jesus with you as a fellow sojourner and friend.

"The name says it all - Simply Scripture. We often try to over-complicate the Bible, using that as an excuse not to learn or study it. Simply Scripture helps us all to look a little at a time, like eating a delicious treat one bite at a time!"

- Jamie Boettcher, founder One Word Faith

Simply Scripture is solid, edifying devotions and encouragement from Scripture, with beautiful photos, and an awesome Bible study system. Why didn't they teach me this simple method in seminary? Sheryl has really made studying Scripture accessible for everyone!

- Kimberly Wyse, blogger, author and founder of